Observing Live Event Traffic

One of the interesting things about working on a CDN is the ability to connect the traffic you see to real life events. This is especially prominent in the world of live streaming, where big events can contribute huge volumes of traffic.

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Application Layer DDoS Mitigation in Action

On April 2nd, one of our customers was hit by multiple waves of application layer DDoS attacks. Unlike the large multi-Gbps attacks we commonly see on the news, an application layer (L7) DDoS is designed to overwhelm a system through massive flood of HTTP requests specifically crafted to target URLs involving back-end processes. In many dynamic applications, like API services for product pricing & availability, the network is usually not the bottleneck, but rather back-end services such as databases. A targeted, smaller scale L7 DDoS can slip past the typical network layer protections (including CDNs), to bring down a customer’s site.

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Meet Up Round Up

Did you know that we regularly host meet ups at our Playa Vista location? If not, and you are interested in attending, we’d love for you to check out our events calendar to find one in the coming weeks. Check out the videos below for recordings of three the Meetups we’ve hosted here at Edgecast that feature some of our very own team members.

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80/20 Spotlight: Ryan Burgoon

Meet Ryan Burgoon

Ryan is a product manager at Verizon Digital Media Services. However, five years ago when he joined the company he was in a different role entirely. He is one of the many individuals who went through our 80/20 program and transitioned to a new role. We would like to share Ryan’s story and how his career development led him to DMS, to apply for our 80/20 program, and ultimately to a role as a product manager.

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Looking Back at Tech Perspectives

Once a year, our engineering team and stakeholders gather together at an off-site location to celebrate the technologies our developers are building across the organization. We call this yearly tradition, Tech Perspectives.

We recently celebrated our fourth annual tech perspectives here at VDMS, and want to tell you about it. However, instead of giving a lengthy recap of the whole event, we would like to review the event’s inception and a few key takeaways from this year.

Where Do Conferences Come From?

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