Meetup Video Library

The below table contains recordings of meetups held here at VDMS. The contents of these talks are entirely from the corresponding meetup and not controlled by VDMS.

Date Meetup Presentation Link
10/30/18 Openstack LA Our Migration Off AWS & CI at Scale with Zuul Video
10/24/18 OWASP-ISSA LA Intro: Joint Monthly Dinner Meeting Video
- - Tin Zaw: Verizon DBIR 2018, A Perspective From The Exterior Perimeter Video
- - Devender Singh: Waflz, A Mutitenant Modsecurity Compatible WAF Engine Video
09/06/18 UUASC LA Theron Trowbridge: On Locke and Makerbots Video
07/12/18 Kubernetes LA Continuous Development In K8s & Database As A Service On K8s Video
05/16/18 Elasticsearch LA First Look Elasticsearch SQL Video
05/03/18 UUASC LA Dustin Laurence: Language Oriented Security Video
04/25/18 Ansible LA Deploying A Global Network with Skynet Beta; Testing CDN Performance Video
04/05/18 UUASC LA Bob Reselman: The Beauty Of The COBOL Programming Language Video
03/15/18 UUASC LA Overview Of SRE And Motivations For It Video
01/31/18 Kubernetes LA Using Apache Ignite With K8s; Strategies With Envoy Proxy Video
01/11/18 UUASC LA Introduction To Apache Mesos Video
11/21/17 Ansible LA Build & Release Docker Containers With CI/CD Pipelines Video
11/15/17 Elasticsearch LA Elastic Stack 6.0; Elasticsearch x React Video
11/02/17 UUASC LA Using Opensource Tools And Virtual Private Clouds For Enterprise Deplotments Video
09/28/17 Openstack LA Internap And OpenStack Video
07/13/17 UUASC LA Winning Friends And Influencing People With Chatops Video
06/01/17 UUASC LA Randall Schwartz: Beyond toll Factor Applications Video
05/30/17 SoCal Python John Hickey: Charming The Dell Lifecycle Controller With Python Video
05/04/17 UUASC LA What Do We Do After We’ve Automated Everything?; Malloc Lives in Userspace Video
04/27/17 Openstack LA OpenStack Use Cases Video

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