Verizon Digital Media Services at Big Data Day LA 2018

Posted by Karen Materson

On August 11, 2018, more than 1800 data and technology enthusiasts converged on the USC campus to share a day of sunshine, networking, and learning; Verizon Digital Media Services was there as a Silver Sponsor.

According to the Big Data Day LA website, the conference (rebranded as Data Con LA for next year) is the largest data conference of its kind in Southern California and has grown from its initial attendance of 250 in 2013 to nearly 2000 in 2018. The day is organized and supported by a community of volunteers, sponsors, and speakers buoyed by an enthusiastic and vibrant group of attendees.

The Verizon Digital Media Services information table was popular, both for the swag offerings of t-shirts, sunglasses, and cold-water bottles, as well as for information about opportunities and projects. Volunteer engineering and product management staff members initiated lively discussions about big-data projects, internship and employment opportunities, and what a content delivery network is all about.

VDMS’ content delivery network is a critical component of the worldwide internet infrastructure, touching a significant percentage of internet traffic. It takes “big data” to process, analyze, maintain, and improve it all. From managing and understanding DDOS attacks to optimizing performance for different customer profiles, Verizon Digital Media Services is able to deliver cutting-edge technology because of its data projects.

Many attendees expressed an interest in learning more about VDMS by filling out a contact form. The contacts were evenly divided between networking interest and job-seekers.

When not hanging out at the booth, VDMS caught some interesting presentations including talks on machine learning, the challenges of localized AR, graph-based databases, and streaming strategies, which can potentially be integrated into our back-office big-data applications or implemented as enhancements to end services. Technologists, engineers, innovators, and futurists attending the Big Data Day LA found much to be excited about during the course of the day!

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