Meet Up Round Up

Posted by Kyle Young

Did you know that we regularly host meet ups at our Playa Vista location? If not, and you are interested in attending, we’d love for you to check out our events calendar to find one in the coming weeks. Check out the videos below for recordings of three the Meetups we’ve hosted here at Edgecast that feature some of our very own team members.

May 30, 2017
SoCal Python MeetUp

John Hickey spoke on behalf of our Python community at Edgecast, presented “Charming the Dell Lifecycle Controller with Python”. The Dell Lifecycle Controller provides a way to programmatically manage servers. An end user can perform BIOS configuration, firmware upgrades, and RAID configuration all through the Lifecycle Controller via a SOAP API. The goal of dractor is to present this API in a Python friendly manner to enable high level interaction with the Lifecycle Controller.

Click here to view the live stream replay for this event.

July 13, 2017
UUASC: ChatOps: Winning Friends and Influencing Servers with Puneet Kandhari

Puneet Kandhari discussed how Stackstorm, and Saltstack, which was detailed in Scott Schroeder’s April presentation, supply the provisioning muscle behind the easy access of the slack interface to successfully upgrade well over 10,000 production physical servers within a few months.

Click here to view the live stream replay for this event.

November 2, 2017
UUASC: Using Opensource Tools and Virtual Private Clouds For Enterprise Deployments

Levi Stiffel from our Cloud Enablement Team spoke about the public cloud solution they implemented for back office applications. Some of the topics discussed include: Packer, Terraform, and Jenkins, and how to follow best practices with cloud deployments while maintaining legacy toolsets.

Click here to watch the live stream replay of this event.